whutsIT provides technology consulting to local business owners in the northwestern Pennsylvania region. Located in Corry, PA and having worked across several counties in Pennsylvania and in to New York state, our consultants have a breadth of knowledge few others encounter. In many cases, technicians in the IT industry become comfortable with a set of technologies and get set in their ways – but our hands on experience with all of the major brands affords us unique insight on a wide array of hardware and software solutions. We always work closely with out clients to find what works best for them, we don’t try to push a “one size fits all” solution – because that just isn’t the case! In the past, we have even been able to provide huge cost saving techniques by connecting non-profits with other organizations to help them best take advantage of their non-profit status, and have also helped small businesses benefit from the use of free software. Beyond all of that, we never forget the little guy! We provide affordable and convenient troubleshooting for home computer users as well, as well as consulting when the time comes for an upgrade!

At this time, we are not actively seeking clients, but feel free to inquire about our services and we’ll let you know if we can help! Just fire an email to contact@whutsit.com, or use our contact form! We look forward to hearing from you!

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