Windows’ “Black Screen of Death” a publicity stunt!

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I only recently decided to start blogging on this website because I feel that it is important to communicate to people the things that they really need to know about. You won’t see frequent updates, but I just intend to be informative and helpful for you. If you have any questions or would like my feedback on a particular issue, please use the contact form. I can respond in the form of a new blog post, or direct response email.

Recently, news broke that a Windows Update has been causing “millions of computers” to get a “Black Screen of Death.” The story is that an undetermined recent update causes all computers to black out what is on the screen.

The story was broken by a company called PrevX. PrevX is a new company, a recent entry in to the anti-malware arena. Reviews of their new product have been very positive and they seemed like a fantastic new company. But this recent story has lead me to start taking a closer look at the company.

The story broke without them first going to Microsoft. In the computer industry, this is a big no-no. It is considered more professional and in the best interests of everyone involved to try and work towards a resolution, rather than try to make a fool out of someone. Instead, PrevX started saying that this would inevitably affect thousands to millions of Windows users.

Microsoft, along with several other independent researchers, examined the problem closely and realized that, simply: it’s not happening as PrevX has described it. While the problem is indeed real and can happen, it is without a doubt not being caused by recent Windows Updates.

If you would like a little more information, I encourage you to read up on the official statement from The Microsoft Security Response Center


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